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Stan Alves, a highly successful and inspirational motivational speaker, draws upon his accomplishments as an elite level coach, athlete, entrepreneur and businessman to energise and inspire audiences across a range of fields.

Passionate about conveying his knowledge, experiences and wisdom to benefit others, Stan Alves helps audiences become the best that they can be – whether it’s in life, business, sport or education.

As a top line motivational speaker, Stan Alves provides a truly pleasurable and intense experience that motivates action and confidence. Stan awakens the inner strength and his messages really hit home.

Stan encourages individuals and organisations to:

  • Become the best they can be.
  • Overcome difficulties in life, business or sport and remain positive.
  • Set goals and achieve top level results.
  • Successfully manage pressure and stress.
  • Motivate staff or team players.
  • Increase performance levels.
  • Achieve higher outcomes.
  • Reach organisational goals.
  • Boost morale.

A naturally-gifted motivational speaker, Stan has inspired many to take action and accomplish goals. An exceptional storyteller, Stan invigorates and revitalises audiences.

Whether you need to achieve set outcomes; surmount difficulties; develop goals; cope with stress; get the best out of your team members; or, maintain an optimistic attitude, Stan Alves delivers with a remarkable set of motivational skills.

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